Build and deploy the solution interface

Top -level build script location

The top-level build script is at the following default location:
This build script creates at ICR_SOURCE/integratedcontentreview/deploy, complete with all the changes made to the solution interface project.
  • Modify the accompanying properties file,, to configure the correct directories for build properties:

    AEP_SDKS=C:/Adobe/AEP_SDKS <Location of AEP SDK present in CRX> 
    FLEX_HOME=C:/Program Files (x86)/Adobe/Adobe Flash Builder 4.5/sdks/4.5.0 <Location of FLEX SDK> 
    THIRD_PARTY_DIR=C:/Adobe/ThirdParty <Location of third party libraries> 
    DS_SDKS=C:/Adobe/DS_SDK <Location of Document Server SDK>

Build the solution interface

  1. Set appropriate build properties and run build.xml. The build script generates
    Note: The biz.aQute.bnd.jar file is required to generate the ICR service bundle. This JAR file must be present in the third-party JAR location (THIRD_PARTY_DIR) before you run build.xml.
  2. Download template-integratedcontentreview-pkg from Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform Experience Services - Package Manager and create its backup.

  3. Uninstall template-integratedcontentreview-pkg.

  4. Delete the template-integratedcontentreview-pkg package.

  5. Install the package generated in Step 1.

  6. Restart the Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform Experience Server.