Add a model-driven form for the meeting data type

Add a model-driven form to quickly provide create, update, and delete capabilities for entity data. You will clear the ID, agent, and customer properties because they are automatically generated and you do not want to include them in the form you added.

  1. Switch to Design mode and select the DataGrid control.

  2. In the Data/Services view, right-click MeetingService > Data Types > Meeting, and select Generate Form.

  3. In the Generate Form dialog box, for Form Type, select Model Driven Form, and click Next.

  4. Clear the ID, agent, and customer properties and then click Finish. Move the form below the DataGrid control.

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    Model-driven form in Design mode
  5. Select File > Save to save the First_ADEP_App.mxml file.

  6. In the Package Explorer view, expand the First_ADEP_App > src > First_ADEP_App > forms package. This package is the default location for model-driven forms. Explore the source code to learn how the form interacts with the Data Management Service.

  7. Open _SuperMeetingForm.mxml

  8. In the isValueObjectNew function, change both instances of valueObject.uid to

  9. Select File > Save to save the _SuperMeetingForm.mxml file.