Create a composite application

In this module of the Creating Your First Experience Services Application tutorial, you will learn about the following features related to composite applications:

  • Creating new Flex projects for Experience Services.

  • Creating composite application catalogs to store application assets, such as tiles.

  • Creating composite application tiles and HTML tiles.

  • Deploying composite applications to Experience Server, and viewing the deployed application in a web browser.

Finance Corporation wants to create a web-based application to allow their customers to view their current securities fund portfolio, as well as the latest market news simultaneously.

In this module, you create a simple composite application that displays two tiles:

  1. A composite application tile that displays a static list of fund entries

  2. An HTML tile that displays a market data website.

You will create the tiles, store them in a catalog, and deploy them to the Experience Server. The purpose of this module is to explore the ADEP development environment, and introduce you to the Experience Services Tooling for Flash Builder.