Flash learning interactions

Drag And Drop
Users respond to a question by dragging one or more onscreen objects to a target.

Fill In The Blank
Users type a response that is checked against matching phrases.

Hot Object
Users respond by clicking an object (or objects) on the screen.

Users respond by clicking a region (or regions) on the screen.

Users respond to a survey by clicking Yes or No to the questions.

Users respond by matching the questions with correct answers.

Multiple Choice
Users select among multiple answers.

Users respond by arranging the given options in an appropriate order.

Short answer
Users type a short answer to a question.

True Or False
Users choose either true or false.

A Flash learning interaction mainly consists of two parts: the component of the interaction (the part with instructions written on it) and the movie clip.
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Component of the Interaction

Movie Clip

The movie clip provides you the objects required for a specific type of interaction. To start designing your quiz, edit the objects by double-clicking them.

If you do not want to use the default movie clip, you can create one by using the interaction component. For more information, see Configure a learning interaction component.

The customized movie clip is displayed only at the runtime; you cannot see a preview of the movie clip on Stage.