The Multitouch panel (Flash)

The Multitouch panel enables you to test media applications that use multiouch- class applications. You can select multitouch devices from Device Central and test the multitouch sensors of an application in the Emulate workspace.
Note: You can test applications with Flash Lite 4.0 and above in the Multitouch panel.
  1. To open the Emulate workspace, do one of the following:
    • From Device Central, select File > Open File, navigate to a SWF file, and double-click the file.

    • In Flash, open a file, and select Control > Test Movie.

  2. Click Multitouch.

  3. Change the required options.

    You can control the individual touch points with the mouse. If you click and hold the mouse, the touch points are set and can be moved for testing.

Note: You can emulate up to two touch points. When you click the third time, the new touch point replaces the first touch point.