Emulate workspace basics

Emulate workspace keyboard shortcuts

You can use the mouse to click the Emulate keypad directly, or you can use the following equivalent keyboard shortcuts:

  • The arrow keys on the keyboard map to the corresponding navigation keys on the Emulate workspace navigation keypad.

  • The Enter, or Return, key corresponds to the Emulate workspace Select key.

  • The Page Up and Page Down keys correspond to the Emulate workspace Left and Right soft keys, respectively.

  • The number keys on your keyboard map to the corresponding number keys on the Emulate workspace keypad.

Change to a different test device

In the Test Devices panel, double-click a new device. The Active Device icon  appears next to the selected new device, which is loaded into the Emulate workspace. The Emulate workspace plays the content from the beginning.

Note: You can emulate only one device at a time. However, you can still select other files in different workspaces without affecting the device selected for emulation. For example, you can select a different device in the Browse workspace and view its information. You can also select different devices to add to a group on the Test Devices panel, without causing the Emulate workspace to switch to emulating a different device.

Use detached view

The Emulate workspace offers a detached view. Test devices using this view to simultaneously view the content at 100% and use the device keypad without scrolling. For example, with high-definition devices, such as clam-shell style mobile phones.

 Do one of the following:
  • Click Detached View .

  • Select View > Detached.

The detached view appears on the left side of the Emulate workspace. You can use the keypad on the detached view, or on the main view, on the right side of the Emulate workspace.

Rotate the display

You can use this feature to test behavior of the page on devices that change page orientation when the device is rotated.

 Click the Rotate Clockwise button or the Rotate Counterclockwise button . Click the button repeatedly to rotate each additional 90°. You can also select the rotate options from View > Rotate 90°.

Zoom in or out

  1. Click Zoom In   or Zoom Out . Alternatively, you can also access all the zoom options from the View menu.

    Or, right-click the Zoom menu icon to display all the Zoom options.

    Note: Click the button repeatedly to zoom in or out in the following increments: 25%, 33%, 50%, 66%, 100%, 200%, 300%, 400%.
  2. (CS5.5) To zoom to the exact dimensions of the device, select View > Magnification > Zoom To Real Device Size.