Working with existing web pages and blog entries

Adobe® Contribute® lets you edit existing web pages and content on your website and to edit existing blog entries and content on your blogs. You can cancel your edits or cancel a new web page or blog entry. You can delete blog entries and, with permission, you can delete web pages and other files on your website. You can also export a page to an HTML file. For information about creating pages, see Create or copy a page on your website.

Web pages with a workflow other than Author > Publish must be approved/reviewed before you can publish it. When you publish the web page draft, Contribute updates the existing web page with your edits. You publish drafts of blog entries in the same way, with the exception of sending a draft of a blog entry to other users.

You can now experience the benefits of Contribute in browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Using the Contribute toolbar in these browsers, you can add and edit web pages, publish web pages to your website, or publish to a blog directly from the browsers.