Using the Manage Sent Drafts dialog box

Use the manage Sent Drafts dialog box to view and change the status of drafts that are currently in the draft review process for your website.

  1. Click the Refresh Drafts button at any time to update your view.

  2. Select a draft in the pane.

    Use Control-click (Windows) or Command-click (Mac OS) to select multiple drafts.

    Each line contains the following draft information:

    is the name of the draft.

    indicates where the draft is in the draft review process:

    indicates that the draft owner has sent the draft to another person for review, but that person has not taken action on the draft.

    Being edited
    indicates that the draft is currently being edited by a reviewer.

    indicates who has control of the draft. For in-transit drafts, the owner is the intended recipient, and for drafts being edited, the owner is the person who is editing the draft. There can be multiple owners for a draft.

    Last Accessed
    is the date a draft was last edited or sent for review.

    assigns a number to each of your websites, so that drafts in the same website each have the same site number. The Site # column also shows the website name.

    Target Web Address
    is the web address for the draft when it is published on your website.
    Note: This URL does not match the temporary URL you see if you click View Draft.

    Description of Last Change
    (at the bottom of the dialog box) shows the last comment for the selected draft.

  3. Do any of the following:

    • Click View Draft to view a draft.

      Note: This option is not enabled if you select more than one draft.
    • Click Change Owner to transfer ownership of a draft to another person.

      Note: If you selected multiple drafts, they must all belong to the same website.

      Contribute warns you about the action before the Change Owner dialog box appears for you to select a new owner.

    • Click Undo Checkout to remove a draft from the draft review process.

      Contribute asks if you are sure you want to remove the lock on the file, to remove the draft from the process, before it performs the action.

      Important: If a user is editing the draft when you Change Owner or Undo Checkout, that user’s changes are lost. When Contribute synchronizes with the server and cannot locate the file, it lets the user know that the draft is no longer available and destroys the draft.