Working in Connect Central

Connect Central is a web application used for working with Adobe Connect accounts. Administrators use Connect Central to manage an account and its users. Meeting hosts use Connect Central to create and schedule meetings. Training managers use Connect Central to create courses and enroll participants.

Log in to Connect Central

  1. In a browser window, enter the account URL included in the Welcome e‑mail.
  2. On the Login page, enter your login and password.
  3. Click Login.

Edit your profile

  1. In Connect Central, click My Profile.
  2. Do any of the following:
    • Click My Profile to view your user information.

    • Click Change My Password to change your password.

    • Click Edit My Preferences to change your time zone and language.

    • Click My Audio Profiles to select or create an audio profile for an audio conference.

    • Click My Audio Providers to select or create your own audio providers. These providers are not available to other users on the account.

    • Click Group Memberships to view your group memberships.

    • Click Organization to view your manager and team member information.

Determine Adobe Connect version number

Knowing your version number can be useful, especially when contacting Adobe Connect Support or when reporting any issues with an application.

 Do one of the following:
  • On the Connect Central login page, move your insertion point over the Help link. The version number appears.

  • In a web browser address field, enter http://<connect_url>/version.txt and press Go.

Search content

  1. Start Connect Central.
  2. Do one of the following to search any content to which you have access permission:
    • Type keywords directly into the Search text box on the Home page to search through content.

    • Click Advanced Search.

  3. If you selected Advanced Search in step 2, do one of the following:
    • Select Search Within Content to search recordings, courses, presentations, or all of them. If desired, use the Show menu to narrow your search.

    • Select Search Titles and Descriptions to search content, meetings, training, seminars, folder or all of them. If desired, use the Show menu, Field menu, and Date Created fields to further narrow your search.

  4. Type keywords into the search field and click Go.

    Detailed results are listed in the bottom pane. Click a column header to sort the results.

  5. (Optional) Click on the name of an item to open the item for viewing. Click a parent folder to open the folder that contains the item.
    Note: It is possible to have access to an object, but not to the folder containing the object.

Connect Central icons

Connect Central uses icons to represent meetings, seminars, presentations, courses, and curriculums.

A presentation that is associated with a group of enrolled learners with tracking for each individual. The course can be used independently or as part of a curriculum.

A group of courses and other learning content that guides students along a learning path. Curriculum can include Adobe Connect content, presentations, meetings, seminars, and external content such as classroom sessions and reading lists.

External training
In a curriculum, training that occurs outside Connect, such as classroom training.

An Adobe Connect event includes registration, invitations, reminders, and reporting. Events usually involve a large number of participants and are built upon an Adobe Connect meeting, seminar, presentation, or training.

An online real-time meeting in which a host or presenter can show slides or multimedia presentations, share screens, chat, and broadcast live audio and video.

Virtual Classroom
An online class with customizable layouts and reusable, archived content. Virtual classrooms have audio and video capabilities, as well as breakout rooms for collaborative learning.

A seminar is a scheduled meeting conducted for at least 50 participants and involves little audience participation or interaction.

A recorded meeting or seminar, that users can view at their convenience.

Authorware content
Files created in Macromedia Authorware from Adobe. Authorware is a visual tool for creating e-learning applications.

A presentation created with Adobe Presenter, a plug-in for Microsoft PowerPoint that lets users add audio, quizzes, and visual features to a PowerPoint presentation. PPT and PPTX files are converted to presentations when they are uploaded to Adobe Connect.

Image file (JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP)
Image files can be drawings, photographs, charts, graphs, icons, or any other type of graphics.

FLV file
A video file.

HTML file
File defining the structure and layout of a web document using a variety of tags.

MP3 file
An audio file.

PDF file 
An Adobe PDF file.

SWF file
A Flash Player multimedia file.