Configure multiple product notifications

To notify users about frequent updates, administrators must send multiple system maintenance notifications and account-based product notifications simultaneously. For example, an administrator may want to send a breakfix notification to all users in addition to the regular account-based Connect upgrade notifications.

User accounts are usually preconfigured to receive maintenance notifications. However, you can configure specific user accounts to receive product-based notifications.

Do the following:

  1. Choose Administration > Account > Notifications.
  2. Under Product Notification Settings, select the start date and end date for the notifications.
  3. In the message box, type the notification message and click Save. When the user opens a meeting, the product notification message is displayed in the Notifications pod.

You can configure a user account to receive a maximum of three notifications at a time. Normally, you send two maintenance notifications and a single product-based notification. However, based on requirements, you can configure a specific user account to receive three maintenance notifications. The maintenance notifications have a higher priority compared to product-based notifications. Therefore, maintenance notifications appear on the top in the Notifications pod. The user may close a particular notification after viewing it. The notification reappears on the Notifications pod when the user reopens the meeting. Alternatively, the user can choose Don’t show this message again to prevent the notification from reappearing when the meeting reopens.

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