Enable audio in meetings

Start meeting audio

Audio for meetings is not enabled by default. To start an audio conference, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Meeting Information page for a specific meeting.
  2. Click Enter Meeting Room.
  3. From the Audio menu, choose one of the following:
    Microphone Rights for Participants
    This option appears if there is no audio profile attached to the meeting. Choose this option to enable audio conference using VoIP.

    Start Meeting Audio
    This option appears if an audio profile is attached to the meeting.

  4. Specify how you want the attendees to join the meeting’s audio conference. You can specify one or more of the following. The availability of the options depend on the meeting’s audio and system configuration.
    Using Computers
    Choose this option if you want attendees to join the audio conference using their computer speaker and microphone (VoIP). All users can hear meeting audio using the computer’s speakers. To enable Participants to speak, click Enable Microphone Rights for Participants.

    Using Phone
    Choose this option if you want attendees to join the audio conference over the telephone. Users can dial-in to the audio conference or receive a call from the meeting. Click Start Broadcasting Telephony Audio to enable attendees using computers to interact with attendees on phones.

    Note: If Universal Voice is configured, you can select both options. Participants can join the audio conference either using their computer’s microphones, or join the meeting using their phone. Start broadcasting to enable participants to hear any telephone-based audio through the computer speakers and broadcast their voices to telephone users using the microphone. When you stop broadcasting, VoIP users will be audible to phone users, but phone users will not be audible to the meeting users.
  5. Click Start.

Once meeting audio has been started, attendees need to join the audio conference.

Join audio conference

After a host starts an audio conference, a notification window appears to all attendees. They can then broadcast their voices via their telephones or computer microphones.

  1. To connect to conference audio, click the telephone button in the main menu bar.

  2. In the Join Audio Conference dialog box, select one of the following:

    Receive a call from the meeting on the telephone number you enter.

    Place a call via telephone using the number and instructions provided in the text box.

    If a dial-in token is provided, hosts can mute specific attendees. Without a dial-in token, hosts must first merge attendees with the related phone number in the Attendees pod. (See Merge two listings for the same caller in a conference call.)

    Using Computer
    To connect using your computer microphone and speakers. (See Broadcast your voice using VoIP.)