Cached bitmap transform matrixes in AIR

Set the cacheAsBitmapMatrix property when using cached bitmaps in mobile AIR apps.

In the AIR mobile profile, you can assign a Matrix object to the cacheAsBitmapMatrix property of a display object. When you set this property, you can apply any two-dimensional transformation to the object without regenerating the cached bitmap. You can also change the alpha property without regenerating the cached bitmap. The cacheAsBitmap property must also be set to true and the object must not have any 3D properties set.

Setting the cacheAsBitmapMatrix property generates the cached bitmap even if the display object is off screen, hidden from view, or has its visible property set to false . Resetting the cacheAsBitmapMatrix property using a matrix object that contains a different transform also regenerates the cached bitmap.

The matrix transformation you apply to the cacheAsBitmapMatrix property is applied to the display object as it is rendered into the bitmap cache. Thus, if the transform contains a 2x scale, the bitmap rendering is twice the size of the vector rendering. The renderer applies the inverse transformation to the cached bitmap so that the final display looks the same. You can scale the cached bitmap to a smaller size to reduce memory usage, possibly at the expense of rendering fidelity. You can also scale the bitmap to a larger size to increase rendering quality in some cases, at the expense of increased memory usage. In general, though, use an identity matrix, which is a matrix that applies no transformation, to avoid changes in appearance, as shown in the following example:

displayObject.cacheAsBitMap = true; 
displayObject.cacheAsBitmapMatrix = new Matrix();

Once the cacheAsBitmapMatrix property is set, you can scale, skew, rotate, and translate the object without triggering bitmap regeneration.

You can also change the alpha value within the range of 0 and 1. If you change the alpha value through the transform.colorTransform property with a color transform, the alpha used in the transform object must be within 0 and 255. Changing the color transformation in any other way regenerates the cached bitmap.

Always set the cacheAsBitmapMatrix property whenever you set cacheAsBitmap to true in content created for mobile devices. However, consider the following potential drawback. After an object is rotated, scaled or skewed, the final rendering can exhibit bitmap scaling or aliasing artifacts compared to a normal vector rendering.

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