Movie quality

Use the appropriate Stage quality setting to improve rendering.

When developing content for mobile devices with small screens, such as phones, image quality is less important than when developing desktop applications. Setting the Stage quality to the appropriate setting can improve rendering performance.

The following settings are available for Stage quality:

  • StageQuality.LOW : Favors playback speed over appearance and does not use anti-aliasing. This setting is not supported in Adobe AIR for desktop or TV.

  • StageQuality.MEDIUM : Applies some anti-aliasing but does not smooth scaled bitmaps. This setting is the default value for AIR on mobile devices, but is not supported in AIR for desktop or TV.

  • StageQuality.HIGH : (Default on the desktop) Favors appearance over playback speed and always uses anti-aliasing. If the SWF file does not contain animation, scaled bitmaps are smoothed; if the SWF file contains animation, bitmaps are not smoothed.

  • StageQuality.BEST : Provides the best display quality and does not consider playback speed. All output is anti-aliased and scaled bitmaps are always smoothed.

Using StageQuality.MEDIUM often provides enough quality for applications on mobile devices, and in some cases using StageQuality.LOW can provide enough quality. Since Flash Player 8, anti-aliased text can be rendered accurately, even with Stage quality set to LOW .

Note: On some mobile devices, even though the quality is set to HIGH , MEDIUM is used for better performance in Flash Player applications. However, setting the quality to HIGH often does not make a noticeable difference, because mobile screens usually have a higher dpi. (The dpi can vary depending on the device.)

In the following figure, the movie quality is set to MEDIUM and the text rendering is set to Anti-Alias for Animation:

Medium Stage quality and text rendering set to Anti-Alias for Animation

The Stage quality setting affects the text quality, because the appropriate text rendering setting is not being used.

The runtime allows you to set text rendering to Anti-Alias for Readability. This setting maintains perfect quality of your (anti-aliased) text regardless of which Stage quality setting you use:

Low Stage quality and text rendering set to Anti-Alias for Readability

The same rendering quality can be obtained by setting text rendering to Bitmap Text (No anti-alias):

Low Stage quality and text rendering set to Bitmap Text (No anti-alias)

The last two examples show that you can get high-quality text, no matter which Stage quality setting you use. This feature has been available since Flash Player 8 and can be used on mobile devices. Keep in mind that Flash Player 10.1 automatically switches to StageQuality.MEDIUM on some devices to increase performance.

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