Other ways to improve display object performance

Hardware acceleration can speed up graphics performance in some classes of display objects Here are a few tips on how to maximize graphics performance:

  • Try to limit the numbers of items visible on stage. Each item takes some time to render and composite with the other items around it.

    When you no longer need to display a display object, set its visible property to false or remove it from the stage ( removeChild() ). Do not simply set its alpha property to 0.

  • Avoid blend modes in general, and the layer blend mode in particular. Use the normal blend mode whenever possible.

  • Display object filters are expensive computationally. Use them sparingly. For example, using a few filters on an introduction screen may be acceptable. However, avoid using filters on many objects or on objects that are being animated or when you must use a high frame rate.

  • Avoid morph shapes.

  • Avoid using clipping.

  • If possible, set the repeat parameter to false when calling the Graphic.beginBitmapFill() method.

  • Don't overdraw. Use the background color as a background. Don't layer large shapes on top of each other. There is a cost for every pixel that must be drawn. This is particularly true for display objects that are not hardware accelerated.

  • Avoid shapes with long thin spikes, self intersecting edges, or lots of fine detail along the edges. These shapes take longer to render than display objects with smooth edges. This is particularly true for display objects that are not hardware accelerated.

  • Make bitmaps in sizes that are close to, but less than, 2 n by 2 m bits. The dimensions do not have to be power of 2, but they should be close to a power of 2, without being larger. For example, a 31-by-15–pixel image renders faster than a 33-by-17–pixel image. (31 and 15 are just less than powers of 2: 32 and 16.) Such images also use memory more efficiently.

  • Limit the size of display objects to 1024 x 1024 pixels (or 2048 x 2048 on newer devices).

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