Optimizing video performance

To optimize mobile video playback, ensure that there is little else going on in your application while video is playing. This allows the video decoding and rendering processes to use as much CPU as possible.

Have little or no ActionScript code running while the video plays. Try to avoid running code that runs on a frequent interval timer or on the timeline.

Minimize the redrawing of non-video display objects. Especially avoid redrawing display objects that intersect with the video area. This is true even if they are hidden underneath the video. They will still be redrawn and use up processing resources. For example, use simple shapes for the position indicator and update the position indicator just a couple of times a second rather than on every frame. Don’t have the video controls overlapping the video area; put them directly below. If you have a video buffering animation, don’t hide it behind the video when it is not in use; set it to invisible.

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