Modify skin behavior

The bufferingBarHidesAndDisablesOthers property and the skinAutoHide property allow you to customize the behavior of your FLVPlayback skin.

Setting the bufferingBarHidesAndDisablesOthers property to true causes the FLVPlayback component to hide the SeekBar and its handle as well as disable the Play and Pause buttons when the component enters the buffering state. This can be useful when an FLV file is streaming from FMS over a slow connection with a high setting for the bufferTime property (10, for example). In this situation, an impatient user might try to start seeking by clicking the Play and Pause buttons, which could delay playing the file even longer. You can prevent this activity by setting bufferingBarHidesAndDisablesOthers to true and disabling the SeekBar element and the Pause and Play buttons while the component is in the buffering state.

The skinAutoHide property affects only predesigned skin SWF files and not controls created from the FLV Playback Custom UI components. If set to true , the FLVPlayback component hides the skin when the mouse is not over the viewing area. The default value of this property is false .

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