AIR 3.0 and later


FREResult FRESetArrayElementAt ( 
            FREObject             arrayOrVector, 
            uint32_t             index, 
            FREObject             value 


An FREObject that points to data that represents an ActionScript Array or Vector class object.

A uint32_t that contains the index of the Array or Vector element to set. The first element of an Array or Vector object has index 0.

An FREObject. This method sets the Array or Vector element specified by index to the ActionScript object represented by the FREObject value parameter.


An FREResult. The possible return values include, but are not limited to, the following:

The function succeeded. The Array or Vector element is set to the value FREOjbect parameter.

The extension context has acquired an ActionScript BitmapData or ByteArray object. The context cannot call this method until it releases the BitmapData or ByteArray object.

The arrayOrVector or value FREObject parameter is invalid.

The arrayOrVector FREObject parameter does not point to data that represents an ActionScript Array or Vector class object. This return value can also mean that the arrayOrVector parameter represents a Vector object and the value parameter is not the correct type for that Vector object.

The method was called from a thread other than the one on which the runtime has an outstanding call to a native extension function.


Call this function to set the ActionScript class object or primitive value at the specified index of an ActionScript Array or Vector class object. The FREObject parameter arrayOrVector corresponds to the Array or Vector object. The FREObject parameter value corresponds to the array element value.

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