Localizing the application name and description in the AIR application installer

Adobe AIR 1.1 and later

You can specify multiple languages for the name and description elements in the application descriptor file. For example, the following specifies the application name in three languages (English, French, and German):

    <text xml:lang="en">Sample 1.0</text> 
    <text xml:lang="fr">Échantillon 1.0</text> 
    <text xml:lang="de">Stichprobe 1.0</text> 

The xml:lang attribute for each text element specifies a language code, as defined in RFC4646 (http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc4646.txt).

The name element defines the application name that the AIR application installer displays. The AIR application installer uses the localized value that best matches the user interface languages defined by the operating system settings.

You can similarly specify multiple language versions of the description element in the application descriptor file. This element defines description text that the AIR application installer displays.

These settings only apply to the languages available in the AIR application installer. They do not define the locales available for the running, installed application. AIR applications can provide user interfaces that support multiple languages, including and in addition to languages available to the AIR application installer.

For more information, see AIR application descriptor elements.

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