Native extension options

The native extension options specify the options and files for packaging an ANE file for a native extension. Use these options with an ADT package command in which the -target option is ane.

extension-descriptor -swc swcPath 
   -platform platformName 
  -platformoptions path/platform.xml 

extension-descriptor The descriptor file for the native extension.

-swc The SWC file containing the ActionScript code and resources for the native extension.

-platform The name of the platform that this ANE file supports. You can include multiple -platform options, each with its own FILE_OPTIONS.

-platformoptions The path to a platform options (platform.xml) file. Use this file to specify non-default linker options, shared libraries, and third-party static libraries used by the extension. For more information and examples, see iOS native libraries.

FILE_OPTIONS Identifies the native platform files to include in the package, such as static libraries to include in the native extension package. The file options are fully described in File and path options. (Note that the -e option cannot be used when packaging an ANE file.)

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