Installing and running the AIR sample applications

To install or update an AIR application, a user must have administrative privileges for the computer.

Some sample applications are available that demonstrate AIR features. You can access and install them using the following instructions:

  1. Download and run the AIR sample applications. The compiled applications as well as the source code are available.

  2. To download and run a sample application, click the sample application Install Now button. You are prompted to install and run the application.

  3. If you choose to download sample applications and run them later, select the download links. You can run AIR applications at any time by:

    • On Windows, double-clicking the application icon on the desktop or selecting it from the Windows Start menu.

    • On Mac OS, double-clicking the application icon, which is installed in the Applications folder of your user directory (for example, in Macintosh HD/Users/JoeUser/Applications/) by default.

Note: Check the AIR release notes for updates to these instructions, which are located here:

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