Localizing the ApplicationUpdaterUI interface

The ApplicationUpdaterUI class provides a default user interface for the update process. This includes dialog boxes that let the user start the process, cancel the process, and perform other related actions.

The description element of the update descriptor file lets you define the description of the application in multiple languages. Use multiple text elements that define lang attributes, as in the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> 
     <update xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/air/framework/update/description/1.0"> 
           <text xml:lang="en">English description</text> 
           <text xml:lang="fr">French description</text> 
           <text xml:lang="ro">Romanian description</text> 

The update framework uses the description that best fits the end user’s localization chain. For more information, see Defining the update descriptor file and adding the AIR file to your web server.

Flex developers can directly add a new language to the "ApplicationUpdaterDialogs" bundle.

JavaScript developers can call the addResources() method of the updater object. This method dynamically adds a new resource bundle for a language. The resource bundle defines localized strings for a language. These strings are used in various dialog box text fields.

JavaScript developers can use the localeChain property of the ApplicationUpdaterUI class to define the locale chain used by the user interface. Typically, only JavaScript (HTML) developers use this property. Flex developers can use the ResourceManager to manage the locale chain.

For example, the following JavaScript code defines resource bundles for Romanian and Hungarian:

                    {titleCheck: "Titlu", msgCheck: "Mesaj", btnCheck: "Buton"}); 
appUpdater.addResources("hu", {titleCheck: "Cím", msgCheck: "Üzenet"}); 
var languages = ["ro", "hu"]; 
languages = languages.concat(air.Capabilities.languages); 
var sortedLanguages = air.Localizer.sortLanguagesByPreference(languages, 
appUpdater.localeChain = sortedLanguages;

For details, see the description of the addResources() method of the ApplicationUpdaterUI class in the language reference.

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