Installing from an arbitrary AIR file

You can call the installFromAIRFile() method to install the update version to install from an AIR file on the user’s computer:


This method causes the updater to install an update version the application from the AIR file.

The installFromAIRFile() method can dispatch the following events:

  • StatusFileUpdateEvent.FILE_UPDATE_STATUS—Dispatched after the ApplicationUpdater successfully validated the file sent using the installFromAIRFile() method. This event has the following properties:

    • available—Set to true if there is a different version available than one of the current application; false otherwise (the versions are the same).

    • version —The string representing the new available version.

    • path—Represents the native path of the update file.

    You can cancel this event if the available property of the StatusFileUpdateEvent object is set to true. Canceling the event cancels the update from proceeding. Call the installUpdate() method to continue the canceled update.

  • StatusFileUpdateErrorEvent.FILE_UPDATE_ERROR—There was an error, and the updater could not install the AIR application.

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