Configure and clean the media cache

To increase performance and import a wide variety of sample rates, Soundbooth creates cache files for each audio and video file you open. Soundbooth stores media cache files in a folder shared with other Adobe video applications. You can customize the location of this folder, clean the media cache database to improve performance, and delete cache files to conserve disk space.

  1. Choose Edit > Preferences > Media (Windows) or Adobe Soundbooth > Preferences > Media (Mac OS).

  2. Set the following options:

    Media Cache Files
    To store cache files with source files rather than in the media cache folder, select Save Media Cache Files Next To Originals When Possible. To change the location of the media cache folder, click Browse.

    Media Cache Database
    This MCDB file records the location of cache files and related media files. To remove references to files that are no longer in use, click Clean. To store the MCDB file in a different location, click Browse.

    Delete Temporary .pek Files
    Removes small peak files that Soundbooth uses to quickly display audio waveforms.

    Delete Temporary .cfa Files
    Removes large conformed audio files that Soundbooth creates when you open audio that uses a compressed format or an unsupported sample rate.
    When Soundbooth is operating outside a file’s original sample rate, parentheses surround the working sample rate in the Files panel. The Save command retains the original rate, if possible.