Customizing scores

With scores, anyone can create compelling music and atmospheric soundtracks for video and Adobe Flash. Choose from dozens of score templates in a wide variety of styles, and then customize compositions for specific projects. Automate parameters such as Intensity and Melody with keyframes, creating dynamic soundtracks that evolve over time.

Install and preview scores

Install scores

Soundbooth installs two scores by default. To access additional scores, do the following:

 In the Scores panel, click More Scores At Resource Central.

If you need to change the location for the two default scores, click Browse in the General section of the Preferences dialog box. Then move the Adobe Soundbooth Scores folder to the new location.

Preview scores

Score template (SBST) files determine score parts and parameters. You can preview these files in the Scores panel or Adobe Bridge.

  1. In the Scores panel, select an option from Genre menu to filter the list.

  2. Select a score, and then click the Start Score Preview icon .

To automatically play selected scores, click the Auto Play Toggle icon .

Insert a score in a multitrack file

Quickly insert a score

 Drag it from the Scores or Resource Central panel to the Editor panel.
Note: Before you can drag scores from the Resource Central panel, you must download them.

Precisely insert a score

 In the Editor panel, position the current-time indicator. In the Scores panel, select a score, and click the Add Score  icon.

Replace an existing score

 In the Editor panel, select the existing score clip. In the Scores panel, select a new score, and click the Replace Score icon .

Score clip in Editor panel

Menu determines displayed parameters

Score parts

Adjustable parameter lines

By default, the Properties panel appears when you select a score clip in the Editor panel. If you prefer to retain the currently displayed panels, deselect Auto-Open Properties Panel in the General section of the Preferences dialog box.

Adjust score duration and parts

  1. In the Editor panel, select a score clip. Then do either of the following in the Properties panel:
    • Choose a standard duration such as 30 seconds from the Variation menu. Standard durations arrange score parts in an ideal order set by the template creator.

    • Enter a custom Clip Duration. To optimize the arrangement of musical parts for the new duration, choose Automatic from the Variation menu.

  2. Choose an Intro/Outro option to add or remove these parts. (If editing these parts changes score length too drastically, readjust the Clip Duration setting.)
In the Editor panel, you can visually adjust start time, end time, and duration by dragging the middle or edge of a score clip.

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Changing score start time (A) and duration (B) in the Editor panel

Set static score parameters

By default, you automate score parameters. (See Automate mixes with keyframes.) But if you prefer static parameter values for a particular score, disable keyframe automation.

  1. In the Editor panel, select the score clip.

  2. In the Properties panel, click Basic.

  3. Do either of the following:

    • To quickly change the overall character of the score, choose an option from the Preset menu.

    • To fine-tune the score, drag sliders for individual parameters such as Intensity or Melody. (Intensity adjusts the mix from sparse to dense instrumentation. Additional parameters adjust the level of specific elements.)

      You can also drag parameter lines in the Editor panel.