Adobe RoboSource Control

View differences between files or folders

Only a single file or folder should be selected before starting to compare differences from the View > Differences menu.


In the Show File Differences dialog box, select the two files or two folders to compare. These can be two local files or folders, two files or folders as stored within the database, or a combination of local and database files.

The default values for the files to check for differences are the local copy (as specified by the local path) and database copies of the selected folder or file. Whether you decide to compare differences between file 'A' and file 'B', or differences between file 'B' and file 'A', determines which changes are shown as deletions ('deletes') or insertions ('inserts'), as the second file/folder specified is assumed to be the more recent.

The following options will be available if either a folder or a file has been selected:

If a folder has been selected for difference comparison, the following extra options will be available:

If two versions of the same file are selected for difference comparison, an Annotate Changes option will appear. If you check this option, all differences displayed will be given a header detailing the relevant user, data and check-in version.

Finally, the option to switch between the Show File Differences and Show Folder Differences dialog boxes is always present.

Differences view: folder differences

On performing a folder differences comparison you will be presented with the 'Differences View'.

The list view on the left-hand side will display all the files within which differences have been found. To the right, two preview panes will highlight summaries of the changes made, along with basic file information. The following options will be present:

Differences 'Module' RoboSource Control Diff: Individual File differences

This application resembles a simple text file editor, but uses two windows for each of the files within which differences have been observed. The following options are available:

If you view versions or differences of a C#, CPP, or VB file, this option will list the set of functions in which changes/differences were found so you can select a function to look at.

The RoboSource Control Diff module comes with its own set of options, listed below:

The default Font Face may be changed, as may the typeface for various different kinds of text:

Options are also available to change the text style, change the foreground and background colors, set tab sizes, and use spaces instead of tab characters.