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The Adobe® LiveCycle® Mosaic 9.5 JavaScript Language Reference provides information about the syntax and usage of supported elements in the JavaScript language. This language reference includes the components used with LiveCycle Mosaic 9.5.

Class Hierarchy

The following diagram illustrates the relationship between JavaScript classes in Mosaic 9.5. The root class, Node, defines a variety of methods that are inherited by classes that represent physical divisions of Mosaic 9.5 applications:

JSDocs Class Hierarchy

The remaining classes, Catalog, Context, Layout, and User represent in-memory representations of information passed either from the server (in the case of Catalog and User), or from the application (in the case of Context and Layout).

This reference is for use with LiveCycle Mosaic 9.5. This reference is intended to be used with other instructional media available for Mosaic 9.5. See the Related Documentation section in the Contents section for a list of supporting documentation.

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