Ant tasks

The Adobe® Flex® Ant tasks provide a convenient way to build your Flex projects using an industry-standard build management tool. If you are already using Ant projects to build Flex applications, you can use the Flex Ant tasks to replace your exec or java commands that invoke the mxmlc and compc compilers. If you are not yet using Ant to build your Flex applications, you can take advantage of these custom tasks to quickly and easily set up complex build processes for your Flex applications.

The Ant tasks for Flex include two compiler tasks, mxmlc and compc. You can use these to compile Flex applications, modules, and component libraries. In addition, the Ant tasks include the html-wrapper task that lets you generate custom HTML wrappers and the supporting files for those wrappers, and an asdoc Ant task to generate ASDoc documentation.

The mxmlc and compc Ant tasks extend the java Ant task. As a result, you can use all the available attributes of the java Ant task in those Ant tasks. This includes fork, maxmemory, and classpath.