Installed Flex SDKs

Flash Builder installs the Flex 4.1 SDK and the Flex 3.5 SDK. Flash Builder uses the Flex 4.1 SDK for projects that do not specify an SDK.

You can add additional SDKs, remove SDKs, and also change which SDK is the default for projects that do not specify an SDK. Flash Builder prompts you for which SDK to use when importing projects created in an earlier version of Flash Builder. You can disable this prompt for importing projects.

The following types of SDKs are available:

Free Adobe Flex SDK
Released versions of official Adobe products. These SDKs contain a mixture of open and closed source components.

Open Source Flex SDK
For users who want a package that contains only open source code.

Adobe Add-ons for Open Source Flex SDK
This package contains all of the items that are in the Adobe Flex SDK and not in the Open Source Flex SDK. Downloading this file allows you to bring the Open Source Flex SDK to parity with the Adobe Flex SDK.

Adding a Flex SDK

  1. Download a Flex SDK to a temporary location on your system:

    Check the download pages for an explanation of the different build types, requirements, and license information.

    Note: If you want to use a stable, tested release, download a milestone release build. A milestone release build has been declared a major release by the development team. It includes a signed version of the Flex framework RSLs (required to use RSL caching).
  2. Flex SDKs downloads are ZIP files. Unpack the ZIP file to a new folder on your system.

    It’s a good idea to name the top-level folder with the version number of the SDK.

    Typically, you place SDKS in the Flash Builder installation directory at the following location:

    <Flash Builder Install Directory>/sdks/

  3. From Flash Builder preferences, select Flash Builder > Installed SDKS.

  4. Click Add and browse to the unpacked Flex SDK. Click Apply.

  5. For each project that uses the Flex SDK, open this preference dialog and select the SDK to make it the default SDK for that project. Click OK.