Customizing Flash Builder

Adobe® Flash® Builder™ is a plug-in to the Eclipse development platform. Specify Flash Builder preferences in addition to the general preference you specify for Eclipse. For some features, you specify preferences in both Eclipse and Flash Builder nodes of the Preference dialog. For example, when setting preferences for the Flash Builder debugger, you specify custom behavior under the Eclipse Run/Debug node as well as the Flash Builder > Debug node.

How you open the Preference dialog varies according to platform and whether you are using the standalone or plug-in version of Flash Builder.

Specify Flash Builder preferences

  1. Open the Preferences dialog:

    • (Windows) Select Windows > Preferences

    • (Macintosh, Standalone) Select Windows > Preferences

    • (Macintosh, Plug-in) Select Eclipse > Preferences

  2. Expand the Flash Builder node to view and specify user preferences.