Installing the Flash Builder tutorial database

Several of the tutorials show how to access data returned from a database. The tutorials use a MySQL database, which you can access from either a PHP or ColdFusion installation.

Download and install the Flash Builder tutorial database

  1. Download Flash Builder Tutorial Database and unzip it into a temporary directory on your computer.

    The downloaded ZIP file contains two SQL files:
    • fb_tutorial_db_full.sql

      Use this file to import the entire database into your MySQL installation. It creates the fb_tutorial_db database, which contains three tables. The tables in the database are departments, employees, and dept_emp.

    • fb_tutorial_db_tables.sql

      Use this file to import just the three tables into an existing database. This file is provided in case you do not have privileges to create a database in your MySQL installation. See the ReadMe file for information on importing this file.

    You can install the database either from the command line or using the phpMyAdmin utility for MySQL databases.

  2. (Command Line) Execute the following command from a terminal window for your operating system.

    <MySQL_Install_Dir>/bin/mysql -u root -p < fb_tutorial_db_full.sql
  3. (phpMyAdmin) From the phpMyAdmin home page, navigate to the Import page. Browse to the downloaded SQL file and import the database.

  4. (ColdFusion) In the ColdFusion Administrator, add fb_tutorial_db as a data source.

    The following table lists the settings for the data source using the default configuration for ColdFusion 8:

    Configuration Field


    ColdFusion Data Source Name