Camera and microphone settings by site...

Displays a list of previously visited websites that have asked to use the camera or microphone on your computer. You can allow or block the use of your camera and microphone by sites on the list. You can also ask to be prompted for permission to use them. Finally, you can choose to remove sites from the list. Removing a site deletes all settings and data stored for that site in Flash Player.

The list initially contains only the sites you have already visited. If you want to specify camera and microphone settings for sites you have not yet visited, you can choose to add sites to the list. Once a site is on the list, you can specify whether to always allow camera and microphone use, ask permission, or never allow camera and microphone use by that site.

Note: Any website that you add or remove using the Camera and microphone settings by site panel is also added to or removed from the lists displayed on all of the other Settings Manager panels. For example, if you add a website to the Camera and microphone settings by site list and specify local storage settings for it, and then proceed to the Peer-assisted networking settings by site panel and delete the same website, it is deleted there as well, along with all of its Flash Player settings and local storage.