Flash Platform ActionScript 2.0

Customizing Components

You might want to change the appearance of components as you use them in different applications. You can customize component appearance using the following three approaches, individually or in combination:

Styles User interface (UI) components have style properties that set the appearance of some aspects of a component. Each component has its own set of modifiable style properties, and not all visual aspects of a component can be changed by setting a style. For more information, see Using styles to customize component color and text.

Skins A skin comprises the collection of symbols that make up the graphical display of a component. Skinning is the process of changing the appearance of a component by modifying or replacing its source graphics. A skin can be a small piece, like a border's edge or corner, or a composite piece like the entire picture of a button in its up state (the state in which it hasn't been pressed). A skin can also be a symbol without a graphic, which contains code that draws a piece of the component. Some aspects of a component that cannot be set through its style properties can be set by modifying the skin. For more information, see About skinning components.

Themes A theme is a collection of both styles and skins that you can save as a FLA file and apply to another document. For more information, see About themes.

This chapter contains the following sections: