Flash Platform ActionScript 2.0

Version 2 component features

This section outlines the features of version 2 components (compared to version 1 components) from the perspective of a developer using components to build Flash applications. For detailed information about the differences between the version 1 and version 2 architectures for building components, see Creating Components.

The Component inspector allows you to change component parameters while authoring in Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver. (See Setting component parameters.)

The listener event model allows listeners to handle events. (See Handling Component Events.) Flash doesn't have a clickHandler parameter in the Property inspector; you must write ActionScript code to handle events.

Skin properties let you load individual skins (for example, up and down arrows or the check for a check box) at runtime. (See About skinning components.)

CSS-based styles allow you to create a consistent look and feel across applications. (See Using styles to customize component color and text.)

Themes allow you to drag a predesigned appearance from the library onto a set of components. (See About themes.)

The Halo theme is the default theme that the version 2 components use. (See About themes.)

Manager classes provide an easy way to handle focus and depth in a application. (See Creating custom focus navigation and Managing component depth in a document.)

The base classes UIObject and UIComponent provide core methods, properties, and events to components that extend them. (See UIComponent class and UIObject class in the ActionScript 2.0 Components Language Reference.)

Packaging as a SWC file allows easy distribution and concealable code. See Creating Components.

Built-in data binding is available through the Component inspector. For more information, see "Data Integration" in Using Flash.

An easily extendable class hierarchy using ActionScript 2.0 allows you to create unique namespaces, import classes as needed, and subclass easily to extend components. See Creating Components and the ActionScript 2.0 Language Reference.



Flash 8 and later has several features that are not supported by the v2 components, including 9-slice (sometimes referred to as "scale-9"), advanced anti-aliasing, and bitmap caching.