Flash Platform ActionScript 2.0

Benefits of using components

Components enable you to separate the process of designing your application from the process of coding. They also let you to reuse code, either in components that you create, or by downloading and installing components created by other developers.

Components allow coders to create functionality that designers can use in applications. Developers can encapsulate frequently used functionality into components and designers can customize the look and behavior of components by changing parameters in the Property inspector or the Component inspector.

Flash developers can use the Adobe Exchange at www.adobe.com/go/exchange to exchange components. By using components, you no longer need to build each element in a complex web application from scratch. You can find the components you need and put them together in a Flash document to create a new application.

Components that are based on the version 2 architecture share core functionality such as styles, event handling, skinning, focus management, and depth management. When you add the first version 2 component to an application, there is approximately 25K added to the document that provides this core functionality. When you add additional components, that same 25K is reused for them as well, resulting in a smaller increase in size to your document than you may expect. For information about upgrading components, see Upgrading version 1 components to version 2 architecture.