gotoAndPlay function

gotoAndPlay( [scene:String,] frame:Object) : Void

Sends the playhead to the specified frame in a scene and plays from that frame. If no scene is specified, the playhead goes to the specified frame in the current scene. You can use the scene parameter only on the root Timeline, not within Timelines for movie clips or other objects in the document.


Flash Lite 1.0


scene:String [optional] - A string specifying the name of the scene to which the playhead is sent.

frame:Object - A number representing the frame number, or a string representing the label of the frame, to which the playhead is sent.


In the following example, a document has two scenes: sceneOne and sceneTwo. Scene one contains a frame label on Frame 10 called newFrame and two buttons, myBtn_btn and myOtherBtn_btn. This ActionScript is placed on Frame 1, Scene 1 of the main Timeline.

myBtn_btn.onRelease = function(){ 
myOtherBtn_btn.onRelease = function(){ 
    gotoAndPlay("sceneTwo", 1); 

When the user clicks the buttons, the playhead moves to the specified location and continues playing.