A Quick Start to Media Playback

Websites use media players to give viewers the rich multimedia experiences they need and expect. An ideal player is full-featured and easy to use, and it should be simple for developers to customize and manage.

Flash® Media Playback and Strobe Media Playback let you focus on the overall user experience of video on your site, not on building and managing media players. Both players are designed for quick and easy deployment. And both provide seamless support for the advanced features of Adobe® Flash® Platform technologies.

Flash Media Playback is an out-of-the-box, feature-rich, free media player suitable for designers, content owners, IT professionals, and developers. It is designed to be your simplest deployment solution. You use a setup assistant to configure the player with a few mouse clicks. Because Adobe hosts the player for you, there’s nothing for you to install or keep updated. And users experience fast downloads, because the player is stored in their Flash cache.

Strobe Media Playback provides more flexibility than Flash Media Playback, while still helping you get up and running quickly. Like Flash Media Playback, the Strobe Media Playback player is both free and easy to customize. Unlike Flash Media Playback, the Strobe Media Playback player is open source, available both as a compiled SWF file and as uncompiled source code. And, because it is a download, it can be deployed behind firewalls, where the Flash Media Playback player might not be accessible.

Both players are based on Open Source Media Framework (OSMF). OSMF is a pure ActionScript® 3.0 framework that gives developers complete flexibility and control in creating their own rich media experiences. For more information on Open Source Media Framework, go to www.osmf.org.

This document discusses both the Flash Media Playback and Strobe Media Playback players. Where something differs between the two, it is noted. Most of the information, though, applies to both.