About SiteCatalyst

Adobe® SiteCatalyst® Extension for Adobe® Flash® Builder™ 4 enables you to add tracking to components in applications built with Flex. This feature allows you declare analytics within the MXML code of your application. Flash Builder views and tooling help you create and access SiteCatalyst services and trackers and associate them with user interface components in an application.

For more information about SiteCatalyst see Adobe SiteCatalyst Extension for Flash Builder 4.


SiteCatalyst Extension for Flash Builder has the following requirements:

  • SiteCatalyst can only be installed as a plug-in to Flash Builder 4.01 or later.

    See Download and install the extension for information on installing the SiteCatalyst plug-in.

  • A valid SiteCatalyst account. (Contact your Omniture representative if you don’t have one enabled.)

  • SiteCatalyst Extension for Flash Builder requires Adobe Flex SDK 4.0 or later.

    Flex SDK 3.5 is not supported.

  • See the Flash Builder 4.01 release notes for additional requirements.

Download and install the extension

  1. Download the Adobe SiteCatalyst Extension for Adobe Flash Builder ZIP file.

  2. Extract the contents to the following location:

    <Adobe Flash Builder 4 installation directory>\dropins\
  3. Restart Flash Builder.

    To open the SiteCatalyst view:

    • Flash Builder Stand-alone

      Select Window > Other Views > Flash Builder > SiteCatalyst

    • Flash Builder Plug-in

      Select Window > Show View > Other > Flash Builder > SiteCatalyst

Overview of SiteCatalyst workflow in Flash Builder

The typical workflow for the SiteCatalyst extension in Flash Builder consists of the following:

  1. Create or open a Flex project containing the applications you want to track.

  2. Log in to SiteCatalyst.

  3. Add a tracking library to a project:

    You can add a tracking library SWC or a tracking library project.

    You can also generate a tracking library project using the Create Tracking Library wizard.

    See Tracking libraries.

  4. Create a SiteCatalyst service object.

  5. Create a SiteCatalyst tracker.

  6. Test SiteCatalyst tracking for an application.