time (timeout object)




Timeout object property; the system time, in milliseconds, when the next timeout event will be sent by the given timeoutObject.

This is not the time until the next event, but the absolute time of the next timeout event.


This handler determines the time remaining until the next timeout event will be sent by the timeout object Update by calculating the difference between its time property and the current value of the milliseconds and displaying the result in the field Time Until:

-- Lingo 
on prepareFrame 
    msBeforeUpdate = timeout("Update").time - the milliseconds 
    secondsBeforeUpdate = msBeforeUpdate / 1000 
    minutesBeforeUpdate = secondsBeforeUpdate / 60 
    member("Time Until").text = string(minutesBeforeUpdate) && "minutes before next \ 
// Javascript 
Function prepareFrame() 
    var msBeforeUpdate = timeout("Update").time - _system.milliseconds; 
    var secondsBeforeUpdate = msBeforeUpdate / 1000; 
    var minutesBeforeUpdate = secondsBeforeUpdate / 60; 
    member("Time Until").text = string(minutesBeforeUpdate) + " minutes before next timeout";