Creating Timeout objects

A Timeout object is a script object that acts like a timer and sends a message when the timer expires. This is useful for scenarios that require specific things to happen at regular time intervals or after a particular amount of time has elapsed.

Timeout objects can send messages that call handlers inside child objects or in movie scripts. You create a Timeout object by using the new() keyword. You must specify a name for the object, a handler to be called, and the frequency with which you want the handler to be called. After a Timeout object is created, Director keeps a list of currently active Timeout objects, called timeOutList.

The syntax described below is necessary for all new movies authored in Adobe Director 11, or for older movies playing in Adobe Director 11 whose scriptExecutionStyle property has been set to a value of 10. Movies authored in Director MX and earlier have a scriptExecutionStyle property set to a value of 9, which allows you to use the syntax found in Director MX and earlier.