Using the Flash local connection object

Flash includes an object type called local connection. The Flash local connection object can be very useful for allowing separate movies on the same computer to connect and to communicate with each other. Because the local connection object is a Flash object supported in Director, it can allow communication between separate Flash content, Director movies, or combinations of the two. Use the messaging capability of the local connection object for simple tasks such as exchanging sprite property data, or for more complex ones such as exchanging chat messages when used in conjunction with the Flash Media Server. For more information, see Using Flash Media Server.

To use the local connection object, you can either create a global local connection object or associate the object with a Flash sprite in the Score. Once you have created the object, you can control it entirely through script. The following are examples of a script that is attached to a Flash sprite in channel 1 of the Score. The script contains a beginSprite handler and other handlers that manage the local connection object.