Adobe Connect Enterprise

About the Home tab

No matter what functions you use, if you have a Connect Enterprise account, the Home tab (also called the Home page) is always available to you. Displayed when you log in, this Home page is your base of operations. From here, you join any meetings or events for which you are scheduled, create any meetings or events for which you have permission, locate information and resources, and manage your account.

Below the Enterprise Manager tabs is a row of links that take you to lists with information relevant only to you. When you display one of these lists, you can often perform additional actions.

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My Home Page

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Information for My Home Page

My Training

My Training leads to a complete list of training courses or curriculums in which you are enrolled. To get details about any item, click its name. To see a list of completed classes, click Training I’ve Completed.

My Scheduled Meetings

My Scheduled Meetings leads to a complete list of your current, future, and expired meetings and your role in those meetings. Click the Enter link to enter the meeting room, where you can join a live meeting or view a presentation from a past meeting. Click the meeting name to display the meeting details, and then click Enter Meeting Room to join the meeting.

Note: The same information is displayed in list form on the Home page, but without expired meetings. Clicking the More link below the list has the same effect as clicking My Scheduled Meetings.

My Scheduled Events

My Scheduled Events leads to a list of all the events for which you are registered, as well as all your expired events. Click Enter to view an event.

Manager Reports

The Manager Reports link applies only to users who are managers. (Managers are defined here as people or staff managers, not training or system managers.) If you are a manager, use this link to display a list of all your direct reports. You can also select links to the training, meeting, and event reports for each of your reports. From Manager Reports, you can click the link for a report type to see a list of all reports for this team member for this report type. You can then click the link for a given report to see the report information, and depending on the report you selected, you can click another link to see more specific information.

In addition, if any of the users you manage also has subordinates, you can click the direct report’s name to display a list of that person’s direct reports and the corresponding training, meeting, and event reports for each of them. In this way, you can view reports for all of the people who report to you either directly or indirectly.

Create menu

On the left side of the Home page is a Create menu for creating new meetings, new content, new events, and so on.

Learn menu

On the left side of the Home page is a Learn menu with links leading to useful information.