Joining events

Any Connect Event that you are permitted to join appears in the event list. (To view the event list, navigate to the Connect Pro Central Home tab, and click My Scheduled Events.)

All Connect Events require registration, although not all require approval. Following are two ways to register for an event:

  • From a link in the e‑mail invitation, which applies only if you were invited by the event host.

  • From a link in the event listing on the public pages of a website, which applies if the event is open to the public.

    After you click the registration link, a form appears. You can use this form to register for the event. (Registered Connect Pro users must log in before registering for the event.) During registration, you create a guest profile by entering a password and answering questions. Then, depending on the way the event was created, you might receive a notification e‑mail that provides your status (pending, approved, or denied). If you are approved, the e‑mail message includes the following information:

  • URL

  • Dial‑in telephone number and participant code that you use to phone in, if appropriate

    In addition, if you received an e‑mail invitation with an iCal attached and you have Microsoft Outlook, you can add the event to your Outlook Calendar.

    If you are a Connect Pro user and the event was created in the same Connect Pro account as yours, the event also appears in Connect Pro Central under My Scheduled Events.

Note: The event registration form cannot be used to create a new user if you are already logged in as a user. For example, if you are logged in to a Connect Pro session, you cannot register for an event as a different user.