Flash CS4 Professional ActionScript 2.0

ActionScript 2.0 Language Reference

ActionScript 2.0 is a legacy implementation of the ActionScript programming language, and has been replaced by ActionScript 3.0 (see the ActionScript 3.0 documentation). Current versions of Flash Player support the use of ActionScript 2.0, and Adobe continues to publish the ActionScript Language Reference for developers who still use ActionScript 2.0.

Update for Flash Player 10 and Flash CS4:

Occasionally, a change to ActionScript 2.0 is implemented to keep the language current with security and usability enhancements. This online version of the ActionScript 2.0 Language Reference (including the ActionScript 2.0 content linked in the table of contents to the left) has not been updated for Flash Player 10 and Flash CS4.

To download an addendum summarizing changes to ActionScript 2.0 and a ZIP file of the most current ActionScript 2.0 Language Reference for offline browsing, go to: