Flash CS4 Professional ActionScript 2.0

stopAllSounds function

stopAllSounds() : Void

Stops all sounds currently playing in a SWF file without stopping the playhead. Sounds set to stream will resume playing as the playhead moves over the frames in which they are located.

Availability: ActionScript 1.0; Flash Player 3


The following code creates a text field, in which the song's ID3 information appears. A new Sound object instance is created, and your MP3 is loaded into the SWF file. ID3 information is extracted from the sound file. When the user clicks stop_mc, the sound is paused. When the user clicks play_mc, the song resumes from its paused position.

this.createTextField("songinfo_txt", this.getNextHighestDepth, 0, 0, Stage.width, 22);
var bg_sound:Sound = new Sound();
bg_sound.loadSound("yourSong.mp3", true);
bg_sound.onID3 = function() {
 songinfo_txt.text = "(" + this.id3.artist + ") " + this.id3.album + " - " + this.id3.track + " - " 
 + this.id3.songname;
 for (prop in this.id3) {
 trace(prop+" = "+this.id3[prop]);
 trace("ID3 loaded.");
this.play_mc.onRelease = function() {
 /* get the current offset. if you stop all sounds and click the play button, the MP3 continues from 
 where it was stopped, instead of restarting from the beginning. */
 var numSecondsOffset:Number = (bg_sound.position/1000);
this.stop_mc.onRelease = function() {

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