Using encryption with SQL databases

All Adobe AIR applications share the same local database engine. Consequently, any AIR application can connect to, read from, and write to an unencrypted database file. Starting with Adobe AIR 1.5, AIR includes the capability of creating and connecting to encrypted database files. When you use an encrypted database, in order to connect to the database an application must provide the correct encryption key. If the incorrect encryption key (or no key) is provided, the application is not able to connect to the database. Consequently, the application can’t read data from the database or write to or change data in the database.

To use an encrypted database, you must create the database as an encrypted database. With an existing encrypted database, you can open a connection to the database. You can also change the encryption key of an encrypted database. Other than creating and connecting to encrypted databases, the techniques for working with an encrypted database are the same as for working with an unencrypted one. In particular, executing SQL statements is the same regardless of whether a database is encrypted or not.