Customizing Perspectives

You can customize or personalize a perspective so that the layout suits your individual preferences. For example, you can change the location of the views in a perspective and then save the perspective so that the views are always arranged the same way. You can also restore a perspective to its original default layout.

Moving views

If you prefer to have a view in a different location in Workbench, you can move it to almost any other location.

  1. Drag the view by its title bar. As you drag the view within or outside of Workbench, the mouse pointer changes to one of these docking options to indicate where the view will be docked when you release the mouse button:

    • Dock above  : The view is docked above the view that is below the pointer.

    • Dock below  : The view is docked below the view that is below the pointer.

    • Dock to the right  : The view is docked to the right of the view that is below the pointer.

    • Dock to the left  : The view is docked to the left of the view that is below the pointer.

    • Stack  : The view is docked as a tab in the same pane as the view that is below the pointer.

    • Restricted  : You cannot dock the view in this area.

  2. When the view is in the location that you want, release the mouse button.

    You can also move a view by using the context menu for the view, which is displayed when you right-click the view’s tab header.

Saving perspectives

If you modified a perspective by moving its views, adding or removing views, or by making other similar changes, you can save these changes for future use.

  1. Switch to the perspective that you want to save.

  2. Select Window > Save Perspective As.

  3. In the Name box, type a new name for the perspective, and then click OK.

Restoring perspectives

If you have changed a perspective but are not satisfied with the layout, you can restore (reset) it to the original layout.

Select Window > Reset Perspective and click OK.

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