Adding and deleting operations

Add operations to the process diagram to define the functionality for a step in the business process. You can provide a meaningful name and description for each operation that you add to distinguish it from others. The operation name appears in the forms workflow pages of administration console.

For information about configuring operation properties, see Input and output data for operations .

You can also delete operations that are no longer required in your process diagram.

Note: When you delete an operation, all of the associated routes and event catches are also deleted.

Add an operation:

  1. Drag the activity picker from the activity toolbar to a swimlane on the process diagram.

  2. The Define Activity dialog box opens.

  3. (Optional) To search for an operation, in the Find box type all or part of the operation name.

  4. Double-click the service operation to add.

  5. (Optional) In the Process Properties view, click the General property group and provide a name and description.

  6. (Optional) Specify values for the properties in other property groups.

Delete an operation:

In the process diagram, perform one of the following tasks to delete an operation.
  • Right-click the operation and select Delete Activity.

  • Select the route and in the toolbar, click Delete  , press the Delete key, or select Edit > Delete.

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