Invoking subprocesses

A service is created for each process that is deployed, Add the invoke operation of a process service to your process diagram to invoke the process. The input and output variables that are defined in the process determine the input and output properties that must be configured for the invoke operation.

You can specify how your process proceeds when it invokes the subprocess:

  • Wait for the subprocess to complete before continuing.

  • Continue with the next step in the process immediately after the subprocess is invoked.

Note: A subprocess can be located in the same application as the main process or in another application that is either local or remote.

Add a subprocess:

  1. Drag the subprocess from the activity toolbar to a swimlane on the process diagram.

    The Define Subprocess Activity dialog box opens.

  2. (Optional) To search for a subprocess, in the Find box type all or part of the name.

  3. Double-click the process to add.

  4. (Optional) In the Process Properties view, click the General property group and provide a name and description.

  5. (Optional) Specify values for the properties in other property groups. (See Process services .)

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