Holds an XML document or a partial XML document. You can specify an XML schema that allows you to see the structure of the XML data in XPath Builder.

Literal value

Valid XML enclosed in quotation marks.


    user name 

For information about configuring default properties, see Datatype specific settings .

Datatype specific settings

Properties for configuring the xml variable.

Store Form Data As XDP:
Select to initialize the variable value with required XML elements for valid XDP data. When the option is selected, XML variables ignore prefixes registered for namespaces and XPath expressions do not require the prefix. When deselected, you must use the registered prefixes in the XPath expression.

Asset Reference:
The imported asset that defines the schema and root entity to use for the variable.

The XML schema to use for the variable.

Root Entity:
The entity to use as the root element of the XML value.

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