Test cases to consider

Consider the following test cases when you perform development testing on your process version:

Your process version may require specific input. It is recommended when you test that you use a mix of valid and invalid inputs. For example, your process version may require a number to be entered as input. You can test exception handling if the number is out of a certain range.

If your process version provides an output that can be used by another process that another process can use, you may want to consider testing the output by using the service as a subprocess of another process.

Output files:
If your process version produces ancillary files, you may want to confirm that they are generated correctly. For example, your process version may encrypt a PDF file and save it to a location on the disk. You may want to test that the file is correctly saved to the specified location.

Business logic:
You may have a process version where different routes can be executed. Consider testing all possible business logic:
  • Use a range of valid and invalid values at the decision points in your process version.

  • If you use values stored in variables for decision making in the process version, consider using the Variable Logger service.

  • Validate that events in your process version throw and receive notifications when specific business logic is executed.

Users in a process:
For human-centric processes, a user can invoke a service or participate in a process using Workspace. Consider these specific use cases for human-centric processes:
  • Test the forms that are used with your process version. This includes tasks such as putting a mix of valid and invalid values into the form.

  • If notes and attachments are configured, verify that users can use them.

  • Test the restrictions on delegating and consulting if they are configured.

  • Test time constraints that you have configured in the process version, which include deadlines, reminders, and escalation.

Your process version may include events that act as start points to invoke your service. You may want to test that your service is invoked correctly. Another example would be for event receives and event throws that are used in your process version. You may want to verify that an event throw is sending the correct information and that an event receive properly filtered the information.

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